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    If you're looking for a uniquely beautiful set of sheets for your home, we've got the perfect printed sheet sets for you. Our luxurious home textiles will bring the comfort and coziness of your bed to the next level. Sleep well and be warm with a beautiful bed.

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    Certified products help consumers identify products that are SAFER FOR PEOPLE.  This means they have been tested for harmful substances. This means they are safer for workers and the planet, manufactured in a
    sustainable and socially responsible way.


    Shavel Home Products continues to manufacture the best Home Textiles with your satisfaction and safety in mind.

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Electric Blankets

A Tradition Of Quality

Shavel Home Products has been producing exquisite bed linens for over 100 years. Today, we still do things the tried-and-true-way old fashioned skill matched with present technology. There is pride in our work, and we work diligently every day to maintain that level of quality.

These efforts and commitment are a stamp on the company, not just a slogan. Every product has to be the best we can make, because our family name is on every single one.

Micro Flannel ®

This industry-leading material is the result of a unique textile development process that incorporates cutting edge technology and science  with classic  and memorable designs.  

 Micro Flannel ®  fabric was created with beauty, value and performance in mind. It is machine washable , quick drying , anti-pilling , anti-fading , anti-shrinking , and wrinkle resistant, and OH SOOO SOFT.  This durable and luxurious material was constructed to last and looks great for year to come . Micro Flannel®  is such a versatile  and functional material. It is available in sheets, blanket , comforters and even electric blankets .  

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