Giveaway Winners

Check back twice a month and see what our next giveaway will be. 

Enter to win a 400TC Sheet Set

04/08/2024 to 04/15/2024


Enter to win a Seersucker Sheet Set

04/08/2024 to 04/15/2024


Enter to win a 250 TC Sheet Set

03/25/2024 to 04/01/2024

Shavel Home Products RV Bedspread Giveaway 

RV Bedspread

03/11/2024 to 03/18/2024

Shavel Micro Flannel Sherpa Blanket 

Sherpa Blanket

02/26/2024 to 03/04/2024

Congratulations Yolanda H.

Micro Flannel® Printed Sheet Sets 

Sheet Set!

01/22/2024 to 01/29/2024

Congratulations Eric S.

Shavel Home Products The Original Electric Blanket 
The Original Electric Blanket!

01/09/2024 to 01/16/2024

Congratulations Lisa E.

Shavel Home Products The Premier Throw/Twin Size - Oversized 62" x 84" 
 The Premier Throw!

12/19/2023 to 12/26/2023

Congratulations Shannon M.

Shavel Home Products Micro Flannel Sheet Set 
 Sheet Set!

12/04/2023 to 12/11/2023

Congratulations Robert T.

Shavel Home Products Electric Blanket 
 Electric Blanket!

11/20/2023 to 11/27/2023

Congratulations Sandy S.

Micro Flannel® Printed Sheet Sets 
 Sheet Set!

11/06/2023 to 11/13/2023

Congratulations Lisa F.

Shavel Home Products Electric Blanket Giveaway 
 Electric Blanket!

10/23/2023 to 10/30/2023

Congratulations Rita P.

Sherpa Comforters 
 Sherpa Comforter Giveaway!

Congratulations Liz N.

October 9th WINNER

Micro Flannel Sheets by Shavel Home Products 
 Sheet Set Giveaway!

Congratulations JENNIFER S.

September 25th WINNER


Sherpa Blanket 
 Sherpa Blankets 

Congratulations CHRISTIANE A.

September 11th WINNER

60x80 High Pile Throw Giveaway! 

Congratulations KATARINA K.

August 28th WINNER Of

60X90 High Pile Throw


 cotton percale sheet set

Congratulations CHRISTINE K.

August 14th WINNER of 

100% Cotton Percale Sheet Set 


 Seersucker Sheet Set

 Congratulations Shannon D.

July 31st WINNER of 

Seersucker Sheet Set


Seersucker Bundle

 Congratulations Hanna P.

July 17th WINNER of 

Seersucker Bundle


Cotton sateen sheet set

 Congratulations Alexandria J.

July 3rd WINNER of 

100% cotton sateen sheet set



Seersucker Comforter by Shavel Home Products

Congratulations Becky W.

June 19th the WINNER of

Seersucker Comforter Set



Seersucker Sheet Sets with Extra Pillowcases by Shavel Home Products
Congratulations Ann T.
June 5th WINNER of



RV fitted bedspread by Shave Home Products

 Congratulations Lauren B.

May 22nd WINNER of

RV fitted bedspread



100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set by Shavel Home Products

Congratulations Melissa W.

May 8th WINNER of

100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set