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Micro Flannel Sheets

Once you try our innovative, lightweight Micro Flannel® sheets, you'll never go back.

Extravagantly soft and warm, our luxury Micro Flannel® sheet sets combine the best comfort features of European cotton flannel with the easy care of fleece – all without the bulk or weight found in traditional flannel sheets.

We're not the only ones that love our Micro Flannel® fabrication. We've also won awards from industry professionals: Good Housekeeping declared our sheets to be one of the top "must have" sheet sets. 

Our high-quality Micro Flannel® sheet sets feature deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 19" deep, and come in over 20 solid color sheet variations as well as an assortment of beautiful, unique patterned print sheet options.



Micro Flannel® is a registered trademark of Shavel Home Products/patent pending.