Thank you for your recent electric product purchase! We want you to enjoy the comfort, coziness, and warmth of our high-quality textiles and bedding products for a long time to come, and we're committed to keeping you a satisfied customer. Every item from our full line of products is designed with your comfort, durability, quality, and safety in mind.

Please take a few minutes to register your new product below with in 30 days of purchase to activate its 5 year Shavel Home Products warranty. After you submit your registration, you'll receive a copy of your information via email for your records, and we'll store your record for future reference. If you have questions, please reach out to us.

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This warranty does not cover the following: Products that have been modified, neglected or poorly maintained, used for commercial purposes, misused or abused or involved in accidents. It is your responsibility to regularly examine the product to determine the need for normal service of maintenance. Damage occurring during shipment of the product (such claims must be presented directly to the shipper). Products sold or distributed by non-authorized distribution or that are covered by another sellers warranty; this product warranty does not extend, modify or replace any other warranty. Products whose serial number of other identifying marks have been altered, defaced or removed. Products that are purchased used, or in not-new condition without original packaging. Damage to products resulting from improper use or maintenance (or the techniques used), the use of the product not compatible with the original intended use of the product, or the failure to follow the product warnings, installation and caring instructions. This warranty does not apply if the original product labels are removed or original finish has been modified or removed. Products purchased at non-authorized retailers. Any costs associated with returning or shipping warranted or non warranted products. Normal wear to the product. Commercial claims made by any merchant, retailer, commercial seller or reseller (not on behalf of an individual consumer). Products purchased through unauthorized distribution channels (i.e. EBay or via an unauthorized internet seller, swap meet, or private party) or products originally intended to be sold in a country other than the one you purchased them in or from (i.e. grey market goods). Any products for which the consumer does not follow the warranty procedures outlined above.