Shavel Home Products Announces New Line of Quilted Micro Flannel® Reversible Satin Trim Blankets

We are happy to announce the newest addition to our line, the Quilted Micro Flannel® Reversible Satin Trim Blankets. Plentiful with the easy care qualities you’ve come to expect in Micro Flannel®, yet still maintaining the lightness of weight compared with the warmth of traditional flannel.

Just in time for holiday shopping, our Micro Flannel® bedding products are selling like hot cakes on a frosty winter day! Now is a great time to stock up your home or help someone else do the same with our quality comforters, blankets, and sheets.

Save on time and money while being stress free and comfy-cozy with innovative Micro Flannel® fabric: with easy care machine washing and color-staying properties, combined with energy saving, quick drying design, Micro Flannel® continues to be in demand for adding quality (and warmth) to a home.

Now the Micro Flannel® products line includes 6 colors of these Reversible Satin Trimmed Quilted Blankets – with more on the way!


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