Micro Flannel® Success Sparks New Arrivals!

Shavel Home Products is pleased to announce that the continued success of their Micro Flannel® products has prompted the production of more colors and designs. The overwhelming demand for Micro Flannel® sheets last fall prompted the Shavel team to design an expanded line for their customers in preparation for the coming season.

The patented Micro Flannel® is a popular fabric because the sheets are incredibly soft and easy to care for with a long life span. This technologically advanced Micro Flannel® fabric contains thermal qualities without the weight, making them great sheets for fall and winter, or even a mainstay of your bedding all year long! Other reasons customers love Micro Flannel® bedding include the colorfast qualities that keep the fabric from bleeding or fading, and it won’t shrink with washing.
Shavel currently offers a selection of ten solid colored Micro Flannel® bedding options and five printed designs. Customers will also find Micro Flannel® comforters, Sherpa blankets, neck pillows, and the unique year round sheet blanket.
Ten new sets of Micro Flannel® sheets are being added to Shavel’s home goods line in response to the high customer demand in the fall of 2013. Five new colors, which include Berry Red, Smokey Mountain Blue, Greystone, Plum, and White along with five new print designs, which include Trees, Cardinals, Reverie, Keys, and Carlton Plaid..

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